Skript Addons

Addons saved from sources such as skUnity and official GitHub repos. Please keep in mind that addons found here may be outdated, unsupported or unmaintaned. It's advised to review each addon specifically before using. SkriptTools provides a reliable place to retrieve older addons.


We've collected files for quite sometime. Find unique scripts that aren't available elsewhere. We've also got content from skUnity, Spigot and GitHub which is now easily accessible through SkriptTools Web and APi.

Skript Jars

Trying to find a legacy version of Skript? We've got you covered. After the latest version? We've got that too. Find every version of Skript without having to do lots of digging.


With our latest release of SkriptTools, the documentation hosted by SkriptTools has been discontinued. Documentation is available via skUnity.

SkriptTools API

Our API provides you with access to all of data including Addons, Scripts and Skript Jars that we have saved. See more about the SkriptTools API

And more!

Useful tools to help make your scripting life easier. A Script Deobfuscator which can deobfuscate WildSkript or Obfuskator obfuscation directly in the browser. Our Script Formatter properly formats whatever script you put into it. Both tools coming to the skUnity Parser