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Skript Core

Download Skript to customize Minecraft's mechanics with simple scripts written in plain English sentences.

# Version Download Minecraft Version
1Skript 2.5-alpha5Download1.13+ (unstable)
2Skript 2.5-alpha4Download-
3Skript 2.5-alpha3Download-
4Skript 2.5-alpha2Download-
5Skript 2.5-alpha1Download-
6Skript 2.4.1Download 1.13+ (stable)
7Skript 2.4Download -
8Skript 2.4-beta10Download-
9Skript 2.4-beta9Download-
10Skript 2.4-beta8Download -
11Skript 2.4-beta7Download -
12Skript 2.4-beta6Download -
13Skript 2.4-beta5Download -
14Skript 2.4-beta4Download -
15Skript 2.4-beta3Download -
16Skript 2.4-alpha4Download -
17Skript 2.4-alpha3Download -
18Skript 2.4-alpha2Download -
19Skript 2.4-alpha1Download -
20Skript 2.3.7Download -
21Skript 2.3.6Download 1.13+ (stable)
22Skript 2.3.5Download -
23Skript 2.3.4Download -
24Skript 2.3.3Download -
25Skript 2.3.2Download -
26Skript 2.3.1Download -
27Skript 2.3-beta7Download -
28Skript 2.3-beta6Download -
29Skript 2.3-beta5Download -
30Skript 2.3-beta4Download -
31Skript 2.3-beta3Download -
32Skript 2.3-beta2Download -
33Skript 2.3-beta1Download -
34Skript 2.3-alpha5Download -
35Skript 2.3-alpha4Download -
36Skript 2.3-alpha3Download -
37Skript 2.3-alpha2Download -
38Skript 2.3-alpha1Download -
39Skript 2.2Download1.7+
40Skript 2.2-dev37cDownload -
41Skript 2.2-dev36Download 1.8 - 1.12.2 (stable)
42Skript 2.2-dev35bDownload -
43Skript 2.2-dev34Download -
44Skript 2.2-dev33Download -
45Skript 2.2-dev32bDownload -
46Skript 2.2-dev32cDownload -
47Skript 2.2-dev32dDownload -
48Skript 2.2-dev31cDownload -
49Skript 2.2-dev30dDownload -
50Skript 2.2-dev29Download -
51Skript 2.2-dev28cDownload -
52Skript 2.2-dev27Download -
53Skript 2.2-dev26cDownload -
54Skript 2.2-dev26eDownload -
55Skript 2.2-dev26fDownload -
56Skript 2.2-dev25Download -
57Skript 2.2-dev24Download -
58Skript 2.2-dev24bDownload -
59Skript 2.2-dev23Download -
60Skript 2.2-dev22Download -
61Skript 2.2-dev22bDownload -
62Skript 2.2-dev22gDownload -
63Skript 2.2-dev22fDownload -
64Skript 2.2-dev22dDownload -
65Skript 2.2-dev21Download -
66Skript 2.2-dev21bDownload -
67Skript 2.2-dev21cDownload -
68Skript 2.2-dev20Download -
69Skript 2.2-dev20bDownload -
70Skript 2.2-Fixes-V8bDownload-
71Skript 2.1.2Download-
72Skript 2.0.2Download1.4.7 - 1.6.4
73Skript 2.0.1Download-
74Skript 2.0-beta10Download-
75Skript 2.0-beta8Download-
76Skript 2.0-beta7Download-
77Skript 2.0-beta6Download-
78Skript 2.0-beta5Download-
79Skript 2.0-beta4Download-
80Skript 2.0-beta3Download-
81Skript 1.5-beta2Download-
82Skript 1.5-betaDownload-
83Skript 1.4.9Download-
84Skript 1.4.8Download-
85Skript 1.4.7Download-
86Skript 1.4.6Download-
87Skript 1.4.5Download-
88Skript 1.4.4Download-
89Skript 1.4.3Download-
90Skript 1.4.2Download-
91Skript 1.4.1Download-
92Skript 1.4Download-
93Skript 1.3.7Download-
94Skript 1.3.6Download-
95Skript 1.3.5Download-
96Skript 1.3.4Download-
97Skript 1.3.3Download-
98Skript 1.3.2Download-
99Skript 1.3.1Download-
100Skript 1.3Download-
101Skript 1.2.1Download-
102Skript 1.2Download-
103Skript 1.1Download-
104Skript 1.0-pre6Download-
105Skript 1.0-pre5Download-
106Skript 1.0-pre4Download-
107Skript 1.0-pre3Download-
108Skript 1.0-pre2Download-
109Skript 1.0-pre1Download-
110Skript 1.0Download-