Created by TheDarkBatman

Just so you know, we don't know the file format for every file. If it's just a bunch of random characters, it's probably a .zip or .jar.

#Made by TheDarkBatman

    prefix : [&5&lAI&r]
on script load:
        #Must be long enough to avoid repeating letters!
        set {_learn} to "Hello"

function generateTable(data : text , k : integer = 4):
    clear {ai::*}
    loop (length of {_data})-{_k}+1 times:
        set {_x} to subtext of {_data} from characters loop-value to {_k}+(loop-value)-1
        set {_y} to character at {_k}+loop-value in {_data}
        if {ai::%{_x}%::*} is set:
            if {ai::%{_x}%::%{_y}%::count} is set:
                add 1 to {ai::%{_x}%::%{_y}%::count}
                set {ai::%{_x}%::%{_y}%::count} to 1 
            set {ai::%{_x}%::%{_y}%::count} to 1
    # loop indices of {ai::*}:
    #     loop indices of {ai::%loop-value-1%::*}:
    #         broadcast "&b%loop-value-1% : &a%loop-value-2% &c: %{ai::%loop-value-1%::%loop-value-2%::count}%"
function convertFreqIntoProb():
    loop indices of {ai::*}:
        set {_sum} to 0
        loop indices of {ai::%loop-value-1%::*}:
            add {ai::%loop-value-1%::%loop-value-2%::count} to {_sum}
        loop indices of {ai::%loop-value-1%::*}:
            # broadcast "&a%loop-value-2% &c: %{ai::%loop-value-1%::%loop-value-2%::count}/{_sum}%"
            set {ai::%loop-value-1%::%loop-value-2%::count} to {ai::%loop-value-1%::%loop-value-2%::count}/{_sum}
function sample_next(ctx : text,  k : integer = 4) :: text:
    set {_ctx} to last {_k} characters of {_ctx}
    if {ai::%{_ctx}%::*} is set:
        set {_temp} to ""
        loop indices of {ai::%{_ctx}%::*}:
            loop round({ai::%{_ctx}%::%loop-value%::count}*100) times: 
                set {_temp} to "%{_temp}%%loop-value-1%"
        set {_temp2} to random integer between 1 and (length of {_temp})
        return "%(character at {_temp2} in {_temp})%"
function generateText(starting_sent : text , k : integer = 4, maxLen : integer = 100) :: text:
    set {_sent} to {_starting_sent}
    set {_ctx} to last {_k} characters of {_starting_sent}
    loop {_maxLen} times:
        set {_next_prediction} to sample_next({_ctx} ,{_k})
        set {_sent} to "%{_sent}%%{_next_prediction}%"
        set {_ctx} to last {_k} characters of {_sent}
    if {_sent} contains "<none>":
        return "&cI couldn't generate any text :("
    return {_sent}

command /ai [<text>]:
        wait 5 tick
        set {_temp} to generateText(arg-1,4,100)
        send "{@prefix} &b%{_temp}%" to player