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Just so you know, we don't know the file format for every file. If it's just a bunch of random characters, it's probably a .zip or .jar.

	# The ability to install custom scripts.
	AllowCustomScripts: true

	#   !!! DO NOT CHANGE !!! 
	# +-----------------------+
	Prefix: &eEzDownloader &6ยป
	Permission: EzDownloader
	AdminPermission: {@Permission}.Admin
	Version: 1.0.0-beta.2
	Type: Open-Source
	ShortDownloadPath: EzDownloads
	DownloadPath: plugins/Skript/scripts/EzDownloads
	# +-----------------------+

# Syntax:
# /downloader download custom SKRIPTNAME SKRIPTURL
# /downloader download SKRIPTNAME VERSION
# /downloader download remove SKRIPTNAME

command /downloader [<text>] [<text>] [<text>] [<text>] [<text>]:
	permission: {@AdminPermission}
	permission message: &c&lYou do not have permission to use this command!
		if argument 1 is "download":
			if argument 2 is "custom":
				if argument 3 is set:
					if argument 4 is set:
						if {@AllowCustomScripts} is true:
							send "{@Prefix} &aDownloading &7[CUSTOM] &e&o%arg-3%&a..." to {_p}
							download from url "%arg-4%" to file path "{@DownloadPath}/%arg-3%.sk"
							set {Downloader::Custom::List::%arg-3%} to arg-3
							send "{@Prefix} &aDownloaded &7[CUSTOM] &e&o%arg-3%&a!" to {_p}
							send "{@Prefix} &ePlease use &6'/sk reload {@ShortDownloadPath}/%arg-3%&6.sk' &eor allow up to 15 seconds to load the script." to {_p}
							wait 15 seconds
							execute console command "/sk reload {@ShortDownloadPath}/%arg-3%.sk"
							send "{@Prefix} &cThe server administrator has CUSTOM scripts disabled! Please tell them to enable it in the config." to {_p}
			else if argument 2 isn't "custom":
				ezDownloader_downloadFile(arg-2, arg-3, arg-4, player)

on script load:
	download file from url "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Creaous/EzDownloader/master/EzDownloaderDB.sk" to file path "plugins/Skript/scripts/EzDownloaderDB.sk"
	execute console command "/sk reload EzDownloaderDB.sk"