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  # namespace for the variable {bee.db::x...}
  namespace: bee.db
  # every X timespan, everyone's data will be saved
  save.delay: 5 minutes
on join:
on quit:

every {@save.delay}:
  loop all players:

function beedb_save_data(p: player):
  set {_nbt} to (nbt compound of file "plugins/Skript/scripts/BeeDB/%{_p}'s uuid%.dat")
  # clear the nbt
  loop nbt tags of {_nbt}:
    delete tag loop-value of {_nbt}
  add beedb_map_var_to_nbt((indices of {{@namespace}::%{_p}'s uuid%::*}), ("::%{_p}'s uuid%")) to {_nbt} 
  broadcast {_nbt}
  save nbt file of {_nbt}

function beedb_load_data(p: player):
  set {_nbt} to (nbt compound of file "plugins/Skript/scripts/BeeDB/%{_p}'s uuid%.dat")
  beedb_map_nbt_to_var({_nbt}, "::%{_p}'s uuid%")
# recursively loop the variable and add it to an nbt compound.
function beedb_map_var_to_nbt(indices: strings, base.index: string, current.index: string = "") :: nbt compound:
  if {_current.index} != "":
    set {_tag} to (join ({_current.index} split at "::") with ";")
    set {_tag} to (subtext of {_tag} from character 2 to (the length of {_tag})) # delete the first character because it is ";"
    set {_tag} to "%{_tag}%;"
  set {_nbt} to (nbt compound from "{}")

  loop {_indices::*}:
    if {{@namespace}%{_base.index}%%{_current.index}%::%loop-value%} is set:
      set tag "%{_tag} ? ""%%loop-value%" of {_nbt} to {{@namespace}%{_base.index}%%{_current.index}%::%loop-value%}
    if {{@namespace}%{_base.index}%%{_current.index}%::%loop-value%::*} is set:
      add beedb_map_var_to_nbt((indices of {{@namespace}%{_base.index}%%{_current.index}%::%loop-value%::*}), "%{_current.index}%::%loop-value%") to {_nbt}
  return {_nbt}

# recursively loop the nbt tags and set the variable
function beedb_map_nbt_to_var(nbt: nbt compound, index: string):
  loop (nbt tags of {_nbt}):
    set {_tag} to (tag loop-value of {_nbt})
    if {_tag} is an nbt compound:
      # there is still nbt tags we need to loop, so we go lower.
      beedb_map_nbt_to_var({_tag}, "%{_index}%::%loop-value%")
      # the value is not an nbt compound, meaning we reached the bottom.
      set {{@namespace}%{_index}%::%loop-value%} to {_tag}