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on load:
  #! Config
  delete {pl-hide::*}

  # ----- Per Group Commands -----
  # This determines which commands will be visible to the player.
  # If a player executes a command they can't see, it will be cancelled.
  # The command must exist, or else it won't show
  # !!!!! This only updates after the player rejoins !!!!!
  # Format: show.commands::permission group::*
  # Use "default" for player's with no group
  # Examples: 
  set {pl-hide::show.commands::default::*} to "help,spawn,tpa" split at ","
  set {pl-hide::show.commands::test::*} to "demo,help" split at ","
  set {pl-hide::show.commands::moderator::*} to "help,spawn,tpa,ban,kick,mute" split at ","

  # The message that will be sent to player if they execute a command that doesn't exist or they can't see.
  set {pl-hide::message} to "&cUnknown command! Type /help for a list of commands."

  #! Groups here will be ignored by this script.
  set {pl-hide::admin::*} to "owner", "admin" and "mod"

  # ----- Cheater Handling -----
  # What method should be used against cheaters?
  # none: return no plugins to cheater
  # punish: run a console command on cheater, use <player> for cheater's name
  # fakelist: returns a fake list of plugins to the cheater
  set {pl-hide::method} to "punish"
  set {pl-hide::punish.command} to "ban <player> cheating."
  set {pl-hide::fake.list::*} to "fake-plugin-1", "fake-plugin-2" and "fake-plugin-3"

  #! Config ends here...






public skript class me.eren.packetapi.listeners.TabComplete extends PacketAdapter:
  public TabComplete():
    super[Plugin, ListenerPriority, PacketType[]](Skript.getInstance(), ListenerPriority.NORMAL, [PacketType.Play.Server.TAB_COMPLETE as PacketType])

  public void onPacketSending(PacketEvent event):
    stop trigger if {_event}.getPacketType() is not PacketType.Play.Server.TAB_COMPLETE
    stop if {pl-hide::admin::*} contains ({_event}.getPlayer())'s group
    set {_packet} to {_event}.getPacket().getSpecificModifier(Suggestions.class).read(0)
    if {_packet}.getRange().getEnd() < 2:
      if {pl-hide::method} is "none":

      else if {pl-hide::method} is "punish":
        set {_cmd} to {pl-hide::punish.command}
        replace all "<player>" in {_cmd} with "%{_event}.getPlayer()%"
        broadcast {_cmd}
        execute console command {_cmd}

      else if {pl-hide::method} is "fakelist":
        set {_suggestionList} to new ArrayList()
        loop {pl-hide::fake.list::*}:
          {_suggestionList}.add(new Suggestion(, join loop-value, ":" and loop-value))
        set {_event}.getPacket().getSpecificModifier(Suggestions.class).read(0).suggestions to {_suggestionList}

on PlayerCommandSendEvent:
  stop if player is op
  stop if {pl-hide::admin::*} contains (event.getPlayer())'s group
  set {_s::*} to ...event.getCommands().toArray()
  loop {_s::*}:
    event.getCommands().remove(loop-value) if {show.commands::%(event.getPlayer())'s group%::*} doesn't contain loop-value

on command:
  stop if executor is console
  stop if {pl-hide::admin::*} contains player's group
  stop if player is op
  if {pl-hide::show.commands::%player's group%::*} doesn't contain command:
    send {pl-hide::message} to player
    cancel event

on load:
  set {protocolManager} to ProtocolLibrary.getProtocolManager()
  set {TabComplete} to new TabComplete()

on unload:
  delete {TabComplete}

# By eren. and pesekjan